Course Details

Chapters CE Credits Valdity Price Duration ECC Exam Attempts Wallet Card
17 6.0 2 Year $36.95 2-3 Hrs Compliant Unlimited Download/Mail/Print

BLS Recertification Course Highlights

Refresh your understanding of CPR, AED, and first aid for all ages.
Learn about new updates for wound care, burn management, and eye injuries.
Study new guidelines and refresh old ones for fracture care and poisoning emergencies.
Master the Heimlich maneuver along with the care needed for seizures, shocks, and strokes.
Ensure you know the blood sugar level parameters to manage hypoglycemia.
Stay updated with new guidelines and continue to deliver comprehensive care in and out of hospital settings.

BLS Skills Card

What to Expect in the BLS Renewal Course?

An updated study plan with new guidelines on BLS skills.

100% online BLS recertification training course with self-paced learning modules.

Renew your BLS certification with skilled and experienced tutors.

Learners need to clear an exam to receive the final certification.

An official BLS recertification with a two-year validity.


How to become BLS Recertified?

Pick a recognized basic life support (BLS) class, ensuring it offers a valid recertification course.

Participate in the BLS training program and refresh your knowledge of all the skills.

Complete the exam successfully and showcase your understanding of basic life skills.

You will immediately receive a digital BLS card validating your proficiency in the latest basic life support techniques.

Keep a check on your certification’s expiration date and go for a renewal course before then.


BLS Course Certificate

Basic Life Support (BLS) Recertification Advantages

BLS recertification lets you brush up on essential life-saving techniques like CPR and AED.

Individuals with recertifications can practice CPR and AED without legal troubles.

Through this course, you can maintain a safe work and home environment.

BLS recertification training courses show your dedication to helping others.

Get your BLS renewed and stay updated with new guidelines and procedures, saving lives faster.


Provide better care during emergencies

Take a deep dive into critical medical procedures for cardiac, respiratory & choking emergencies. Complete the expert led recertification course at your convenience within 1-2 hours.


Frequently Asked Questions

A BLS renewal course that refreshes your knowledge of CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), AED (Automated External Defibrillator) usage, and other basic first aid techniques.

Anyone with a BLS certification who wishes to continue practicing their skills should take this course.

With a valid BLS certification, you can treat patients without legal hassles. Once you take a recertification course, you get a practicing license for two years.

By taking an online BLS recertification course, you gain the freedom of  studying anywhere in the world. Online BLS renewal program offers the same certification with flexibility and self-paced modules.

To take a basic life support recertification, select the right course and start reading the study materials. Once you finish the modules, you need to take a test. Upon passing this test, you receive a BLS certification with a two-year validity.

You must renew your BLS certification before it expires. Every BLS certification has a two-year validity; hence, you must renew your certification before this deadline.

A recognized BLS certification is valid for 2 years. You need to take a BLS recertification exam to renew your certification to continue using your BLS skills.

Yes, you can take a BLS certification course training online with ease. Our online course covers all the essential topics on the subject.

Yes. While BLS is the first level of ACLS, you need to renew the certification separately. It helps you stay updated with current guidelines and techniques.