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PALS Recertification & Renewal Course


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PALS Recertification & Renewal course ensures medical professionals stay current with the latest protocols &  practices in pediatric patient care. Contribute to improved patient outcomes with our convenient, comprehensive, recognized, training courses.



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Course Details

Chapters CE Credits Valdity Price Duration ECC Exam Attempts Wallet Card
2 Year
3-4 Hrs

 PALS Recertification Course Highlights

Study from an expert-led, comprehensive, and high-quality PALS renewal course guide.

Refresh your skills with real-life clinical scenarios for better practice.

Learn more about taking surveys for better diagnoses of pediatric medical emergencies.

Go through child and infant heart rhythm patterns again, focusing on prompt arrhythmia diagnosis.

Practice adequate airway and early cardiac arrest management for pediatric patients. 

Stay updated with new guidelines and continue to deliver comprehensive care in and out of hospital settings.

PALS Recertification and Renewal Advantages

PALS Course Certificate

PALS Skills Card

What to expect from the PALS recertification course?

How do I become PALS recertified?

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Stay Ahead with our PALS Recertification Course

Learn to manage critically ill infants and children. All our course materials are painstakingly evaluated for accuracy and designed by licensed experts to give you exceptional quality.


Frequently Asked Questions

You must renew your PALS certification to stay updated with new OSHA and ECC guidelines for pediatric care. Healthcare practitioners may also need a certification renewal for their job role.

Yes, we offer nationally and internationally recognized pediatric advanced life support (PALS) recertification courses.

The ACLSNow platform offers a seamless learning experience for the online PALS recertification course. Industry experts working collaboratively as a team, will guide you through all the vital concepts.

Upon achieving a score of 75% or above on the test, you can download your digital certification. You will also receive it at your given address.

You can get 4.0 CEU credits when taking your online PALS recertification course through the ACLSNow platform. 

The online PALS recertification process takes 3–4 hours. You must renew your PALS training certification card to continue practicing these skills.

Yes. You can take a recertification course for PALS skills once your certification expires. However, it is advisable to get recertified before the expiration date of your certification card. 


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