ACLS certification: What is it, and who needs it?

  • October 17, 2023

Do you wish to look after your patients with advanced care? Do you long to learn more about healthcare? The Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certification is for you.


Want to know more about the ACLS course? This course is for healthcare professionals who work with cardiac-related issues. Why is this course important, you ask? ACLS covers many topics under one umbrella. By taking this course, you stay well-versed in life-saving techniques. ACLS certification gives you the knowledge and makes your resume shine. This blog talks about the teachings and importance of ACLS training. You will also learn about the people who should take this course.


What does an ACLS certification teach?


ACLS covers various topics on an advanced level. Some important things you learn during this certification include:


  1. Primary Skills: ACLS certification teaches healthcare professionals to treat life-threatening medical emergencies. So, is ACLS the same as CPR? No! ACLS covers topics like CPR, BLS, and advanced care. It includes basic and advanced airway management.
  2. Cardiac Arrest Management: This certification allows you to treat cardiac arrest emergencies. You learn about using an AED machine as well.
  3. Heartbeat Recognition: The human heart beats in a specific rhythm. A change in this pattern means cardiac issues in the body. Through this course, you learn to recognize and stabilize an irregular heartbeat.
  4. Respiratory Emergencies: It teaches healthcare professionals to treat respiratory emergencies. You learn about airway management and the use of medications.
  5. Stroke Management: Strokes are common in people with cardiac ailments. ACLS certification teaches you effective management of stroke cases.
  6. Pediatric Emergencies: ACLS certification teaches to treat pediatric emergencies. You also learn infant and child CPR in this course.


What are the benefits of ACLS certification?


Upskilling is an essential tool that keeps you ahead in the competitive job market. By taking an ACLS certification, you can learn the following:


  1. Improved Knowledge: ACLS training courses give an in-depth understanding of life-saving techniques. Nurses with this course can cater to severe cardiac cases as well.
  2. Better Job Opportunities: Certified healthcare professionals often have better job opportunities. They are always preferred over others who are not certified. Employers consider them to be more knowledgeable and experienced.
  3. Better Teamwork: ACLS certification teaches healthcare professionals to work as a team. It teaches important skills like working in coordination with a healthcare team. It enhances the quality of patient care.
  4. Faster promotion: By taking an ACLS certification, you stand out. You gain a competitive advantage over your peers in the healthcare sector. You can even ask for a raise or discuss a job change with your superiors. With ACLS certification, there are high chances that you may get a promotion faster and easier.
  5. Improves Your Confidence: By taking the ACLS course, you will gain the confidence to provide the best possible care to your patients. Knowing that you possess the required skills to treat a patient in distress, improves your self confidence in your own abilities.


Can anyone take an ACLS course?


Anyone working in the healthcare sector can take an ACLS course. People with no industry experience may need to start with a BLS certification. Some people who can benefit from taking this certification include:-


  1. Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) – People working as EMTs services need this certification. They handle critical cases often and need to know advanced skills. You can even become an ACLS instructor and grow your career.
  2. Paramedics – Paramedics who take an ACLS course can provide advanced patient care in emergencies. Paramedics work with critical patients and need advanced knowledge on several topics.
  3. Nurses – Nurses must stay focused and know much about the human body. Patients often rely on a nurse’s knowledge for recovery from critical injuries. An ACLS course can teach a nurse advanced skills for treating patients.
  4. Physicians – Physicians who take an ACLS course can recognize life-threatening medical emergencies. As this course teaches medication, you can write prescriptions as well.
  5. Other Healthcare Professionals – Medical assistants and pharmacists should take an ACLS certification. It gives them the knowledge to perform these jobs better.


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Every healthcare professional needs to upgrade their skills to work effectively. An ACLS certification helps them learn more about life-saving techniques. People who wish to enter this industry should also invest in an ACLS course. Our website brings you a comprehensive course for ACLS at affordable prices. Our courses are nationally and internationally recognized as well. Now that you know about the ACLS course and its importance, log onto our website and explore the courses today.