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PALS Certification Course Online helps equip medical professionals with the skill to efficiently & effectively respond to high stress pediatric emergencies. Our high-quality & recognized certification training is self-paced, comply with ECC standards & can be completed within 1-2 hours. Receive wallet card instantly.



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Course Details

Chapters CE Credits Valdity Price Duration ECC Exam Attempts Wallet Card
2 Year
3-4 Hrs

PALS Course Highlights

Get access to a comprehensive PALS study guide, which covers several topics like respiratory distress and failure.

Work with life-like clinical scenarios and gain experience in real-world medical emergencies.

Learn the systematic approach to assessing pediatric patients through multiple surveys and tests.

Know effective team dynamics and the need for crisp communication during medical emergencies.

Proper management of child and infant heart rhythm with early diagnosis of arrhythmia and its treatment.

Effective airway management and early detection of cardiac-related illness in pediatric patients.

PALS certification Advantages

PALS Course Certificate

PALS Skills Card

What to Expect from's PALS Certification Course?

How to become PALS Certified?

Make a difference in pediatric care

Master evaluate-identify-intervene sequence during emergencies involving pediatric patients. Our expert-led training course has no time limits and includes unlimited retakes.


Frequently Asked Questions

PALS training and certification is a structured course that teaches you about helping pediatric patients in medical emergencies.

Healthcare professionals working with children and infants must take this course. Child caregivers and daycare providers can also benefit from this course and save a child’s life when needed. 

Taking a PALS course gives you the knowledge and confidence to help a child needing medical attention. You will need this certification especially if you work in the neonatal and pediatric ward at the healthcare facility. People at daycare centers must also have knowledge of PALS skills.

You should only take recognized online PALS certification courses. Any recognized course will provide a certification with two years of validity. After this period, you must take a refresher course to continue practicing your PALS skills.

The ACLS Now website provides a user-friendly platform for the online PALS certification course. You can easily navigate through the various chapters and take the test from the comfort of your home. 

Complete a PALS course to get your digital provider card instantly. You can download this card and store it for future use. 

You earn 8 continuing education units upon completing the PALS certification online course.

The PALS certification course is 2-3 hours long. You need to take this course and clear the exam to get PALS certified.

Every recognized PALS certification comes with a 2-year validity.

You must get your certificate renewed before it reaches its expiration date. Take a recertification course and get a new PALS certification with two more years of validity.

Once you finish your online PALS certification class, you can take the test. This quiz comprises multiple-choice questions related to the chapters taught in the course. Once you pass the quiz, you get an instant, downloadable PALS certification. However, you can take multiple tries at the quiz if you need to clear it.


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